Lily A.

Lily A.

Lily A.

Lead Medical Esthetician/Electrologist

Experience: 27 years combined beauty industry experience , in makeup, skin care rejuvenation, acne specialist, and beauty education

Specialized in : laser skin rejuvenation, laser hair removal, skin care treatment and acne specialist

Description: Meet Lily, Clinical Director and Lead Medical Esthetician/Electrologist at Wow Laser

Welcome to Wow Laser! I’m Lily, your Clinical Director and Lead Medical Esthetician/Electrologist. With a robust background spanning over 25 years in the beauty industry, I specialize in laser hair removal, laser facial treatments, and a broad range of skincare services.

My career began as a professional makeup artist, allowing me to work on a variety of high-profile projects including weddings, photoshoots, celebrity music videos, and television productions. Transitioning from makeup to medical aesthetics, I developed a deep passion for skincare and patient education. This journey led me to gain invaluable experience alongside some of the top plastic surgeons and dermatologists, enhancing my expertise in cutting-edge laser technologies and non-invasive facial treatments.

At Wow Laser, I’m committed to using my knowledge and skills to provide exceptional care and results. My approach is to educate, elevate, and transform our clients’ experiences by offering the highest standards of treatment tailored to each individual’s needs. Join us at Wow Laser, where we dedicate ourselves to not just meeting but exceeding your beauty and skincare expectations.

Explore My Expertise

As the Clinical Director at Wow Laser, I am proud to bring a diverse and comprehensive skill set to our practice. With over 25 years in the beauty and medical aesthetics industry, my expertise spans a range of specialized areas including:

  • Laser Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation: Utilizing the latest laser technology to provide safe, effective, and non-invasive treatments that enhance skin texture and tone while removing unwanted hair.
  • Advanced Medical Aesthetics: From anti-aging treatments to corrective skincare protocols, I deliver personalized care aimed at achieving natural-looking results.
  • Educational Leadership: As a seasoned beauty educator and former laser instructor, I am passionate about sharing knowledge and training aspiring estheticians, ensuring they achieve excellence in their careers.
  • Phlebotomy: Certified as a phlebotomist, I integrate my understanding of venipuncture with aesthetic treatments, enhancing outcomes through techniques that are informed by a deep knowledge of human anatomy and physiology.

At Wow Laser, my goal is to ensure that every treatment plan is tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients, providing them with a unique and satisfying experience. My approach is not only to treat but also to educate our clients on the best practices for maintaining and enhancing their natural beauty.



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